Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the legal entity of the school and is responsible for financial and legal matters; it oversees the corporate functioning of the school. The board consists of parents, faculty, and community members who are committed to the school’s mission and vision.

To contact the HWS Board president please email:


Administrative Director


Treasurer, HWS Parent


President, HWS Parent

Erika Takahashi, HWS alumni '86-'88 and mother to two children. She was raised on the windward side of East Oahu and was able to attend HWS because of financial aide during her Jr. High School years. The two years she attended HWS really impacted her and that is why she volunteers with so much gratitude.

After high school and some college she decided to live in Tokyo, Japan, for six years. There she was able to experience the city life of Harajuku, and build a strong relationship with her family of creatives. She has had the opportunity to experience many types of education styles (Catholic All girls school, HWS and DOE High school) as well as different ways of doing things when she lived in Tokyo. She came back to Hawai'i in 2000 to attend Hawaii Pacific University, where she majored in Business.

She comes from a family of artists and appreciates the time and energy it takes to create things and knows to relish every moment along the process. In her spare time you can find Erika with her family at the beach, planning a get together with friends, planning a trip to see other parts of our planet, or crafting something.

Trisha China White,
Secretary, HWS alum, Vice President of Honolulu Financial Partners, LLC.