Picnic Raspberry Limeade

Raspberry Limeade

   *Makes 2 Qts

Simple Syrup

·        1 cup water

·        1 cup granulated sugar

Raspberry Limeade

·        1 1/2 cup lime juice

·        1 cup raspberries more for garnish (freeze the garnish berries)

·        1 cup simple syrup

·        5 cups water

·        sliced limes for garnish


Simple Syrup

1.               cup of water with granulated sugar in a medium sauce pan and place over medium heat

2.               stir until sugar is dissolved

3.               remove and allow to cool

Raspberry Limeade

1.               pour simple syrup into a blender with the raspberries and puree

2.               pour through a strainer into a large pitcher to remove the seeds

3.               add remaining ingredients, stir and refrigerate to chill

4.               serve with sliced limes and frozen raspberries