2019 May Day Info

Latest Reminders (as of 5/2/19):

It's one of our favorite festivals of the year!  We need everyone's kokua to make it successful.

Stage Greens / Set-up:

Please save your greens and tropical flowers and bring to school beginning on on May 2nd to the back parking lot.  Bins will be provided.

Stage Set-up: May 3rd (Friday) from 3:00-5:00 pm
3rd, 4th, and 5th grade parents are the main helpers with the stage set-up.  


  • If you haven't signed up to help with potluck set up and clean up, please do.  The google drive link sent out by Parent Hui last week is here: MAY DAY.  Each grade has been assigned a particular task...making it EASIER for you to decide HOW you can help.

  • Your food contribution can be dropped at the tables & coolers as you arrive.  We request that you do not bring any desserts!  Our kids are sweet enough.

  • We continue to make great efforts to be GREEN so please kokua and bring your own plates, utensils and cups.  We will have a limited supply on hand for guests or forget me nots.

  • High School:  Help to set up and take down tent in drive thru

  • Grades 1 and 2:  (5) Tables and cloths setup/clean up Please set up under tent

  • Grades 3 and 4: Utensils, Serveware, Papergoods (provided by school, donations also accepted), clean and return serveware and dishes

  • Grades 5 and 6:  Receive Food/Maintain Service, help with cleanup

  • Grades 7 and 8:  Setup and clean up of Water Jugs

Arrival Times:

  • If your teacher has requested help in the classroom beforehand, please let them know if you are able to arrive early.  The younger grades need assistance with costumes, hair and leis.

  • Call times and required attire were distributed last week.  Please contact your teacher with any questions.

General Information

Date: Saturday, May 4th, 2019

Time: 4:00-5:00 (performance); 5:00-6:00 (potluck) Where: Niu Campus

Call Time for Students:

1st - 4th graders meet at 3:30 in their classroom
5th - 8th graders meet at 3:00 in their classroom
High School females meet at 3:00 (or earlier) in the Niu Hall. High School males meet at 3:00 in the Kukui PSK.


Bring mats or low beach chairs for seating. Limited chair seating for kupuna.


Following the program, all are welcome to join the potluck. Bring your own plates and utensils to be green. We ask that you bring your food item covered or in a cooler in order to be set out at 5:00 pm. No desserts please. Water will be provided.  Please see the sign up sheet provided by your classroom parent representative for help with setup and clean up.

Costumes / Lei Information by class

1st Grade – “Pi'apa” (Hawaiian alphabet)
Lei: Handmade plumeria leis
Girls - Hair is half up-half down, costumes provided by Kumu Boys - Black/Blue Shorts
White shirts or shirtless at teacher’s discretion

2n d Grade – “Kamali’i ‘Ike ‘Ole” (Phases of the Moon Song) Costumes/Lei: Same as 1st grade

3r d Grade – “Lili’u E” Costumes/Lei: Same as 1st grade

4t h Grade - Kumulipo
Costume: Kihei made by the students. Dark shorts with same color shirt (Donna can choose).

Lei: Shredded ti-leaf lei. Senorita Jaimes will assist

5t h Grade – “Kāwika”
Girls - provided by Kumu
Boys - Black pants and white, long-sleeve, collared button up shirt Lei: Provided by Kumu

6t h Grade – “ʻUlupalakua”
Costumes: blue jeans with either a white, denim, or plaid, preferably long-sleeve “cowboy” shirts. Kumu will provide bandanas and cowboy hats
Girls – hair 1⁄2 up 1⁄2 down
Boys – hair brushed out of face
Lei: Flower lei of any variety

7t h/8t h Grade Boys – “Kahi Mea”
Costumes: Black pants and white, long-sleeve, collared button up shirt Lei: Kukui, provided by Kumu
Kūpeʻe: Kukui, provided by Kumu

7t h/8t h Grade Girls – “Waikīkī Hula”
Costumes: “Surfboard” dresses. Provided by Kumu. Lei: Flower lei of any variety

High School – Students have been told what is expected of them 

Middle School Students: Chair set-up
High School Students: Chair clean-up