International Program

(International Exchange and International Study)

The Honolulu Waldorf School ‘ohana, comprised of families from different countries, cultures and languages reflects the diversity of the local community. HWS is committed to fostering a sense of global consciousness in all students. In addition to studying the world’s countries and cultures, the community celebrates many cultural festivals together.

We welcome students from around.  The international study program foster global connections for all high school students and allows our students the opportunity to enhance their world language skills, immerse themselves in another culture, and develop their sense of independence.


Our student exchange program is arranged with Waldorf high schools that foster the world language of Japanese, Spanish and/or English.  This exchange opportunity allows the students to experience different cultures and languages while developing a global consciousness and tolerance, as well as learning to be independent. Our exchange length is a minimum of 1 quarter (3 months) and up to a full semester (6 months). Our student exchange program is only available when a HWS reciprocal student can be found.  This takes time and it is recommended that you start the process in grade 9.  Student exchanges are possible only in grade 10 and first semester of grade 11.  We look forward to receiving your international application for a student exchange possibility.


If you are interested in coming to Honolulu to participate in our International Study Program as a paying student please begin the process 6-8 months prior to the date you would like to attend school.  It is best to arrange it during our block schedule or quarter system.  Please refer to our school calendar for these schedules.  The International study program can be for a minimum of 3 months, 6 months or even a full school year.  The international study program is available starting in grade 9.  We look forward to receiving your international application for an international study possibility.

If you have questions regarding the exchange or international study program please contact our admissions office by email at

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